The cleantech industrial revolution is already underway, and we are ready to power it.

At NOC Energy we envision a world where every industry operates sustainably, powered by clean, renewable energy, with No Carbon Emissions

NOC Energy technology can remove over a GigaTon of CO2 per year by 2045

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Decarbonizing industrial heat: An imperative for net zero.

Industrial heat processes, powered by fossil fuels, are major contributors to climate change. Industrial heat is responsible for nearly half of global greenhouse gas emissions and 70% of fossil fuel consumption. But decarbonizing these processes isn't just about tackling climate goals; it's about complying with regulations, saving resources, meeting market demands, and mitigating risks. 

NOC Technology provides a  viable alternative to decarbonizing energy intensive industries. We can generate and store high temperature heat from renewable electricity and waste heat. 

NOC Energy Technology provides a  viable alternative to decarbonizing the most energy intensive industries. 

By embracing decarbonization, industries can not only ensure a sustainable future but also promote economic growth and minimize environmental and social impacts. It's a win-win for the planet and our future as humans.

Our high temperature gas generator (HTGG) can generate and store high temperature heat using electricity  from the grid or from behind the meter (BTM) renewables and deliver it to an industrial processes in the form of a stream of hot gas up to 1500 °C (2700 °F)

Produces and stores heat at up to 1500 °C ( 2700 °F) from renewable electricity in high performance ceramics and phase change materials.

Flexible and ready to use. Can be directly integrated into existing infrastructure replacing gas burners.

Efficient. Recycles process waste heat improving energy efficiency. Over 95% electricity to heat efficiency. 

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