Our vision

At NOC Energy we envision a  world where every industry operates sustainably, powered by clean, renewable energy.

Our Mission

We are commited to enabling the global energy transition by providing cutting-edge technologies and tools tailored to assist our clients in achieving net zero emissions.

photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

Meet the team

NOC was founded by an seasoned team with extensive experience in energy and infrastructure, both in management, research  and engineering

Carlos Ceballos 

Managing Director. Passionate about driving Decarbonization in hard to abate industries. Results oriented boosting profitability of business. Deep understanding of power sector and energy storage markets.  

With 25 years of leadership, including roles as Managing Director at firms like Engie and SNC Lavalin, my expertise spans energy markets, power, and energy storage. I've contributed to power plant technology development with industry leaders such as NEM, holding a PhD in nuclear engineering from TUDelft and an MBA from Tulane 

John Restrepo

Senior innovation and entrepreneurship manager. Passionate about sustainability and decarbonization. Entrepreneur, investor, professor, mentor, board member. Extensive management, research and development in petrochemical and energy sector. 

With 25 years of experience in innovation management at industrial level. Managed the product and services development in the chemical and energy sectors respectively.  Managed investment vehicles from CVC funds. Holding a  PhD in design and innovation from TUDelft.

Nicolás Ziperovich

Senior energy innovator with more than twenty years of experience throughout the oil and gas industry. Unique combination of field and technical experience, business development and strategic planning.

With 25 years in Business Development & Complex Operations. Strong background in energy sector, particularly oil and gas. Co-founded and advised energy startups. Holds a Master's degree in Management from Stanford and an Engineering Degree

Passionate about driving decarbonization through innovative solutions