Robust and reliable technology

We produce and store thermal energy in the form of high temperature heat, up to 1500 ° C (2700 °F) n high performance materials that are heated using renewable energy and advanced physics. 


Unique value proposition

NOC energy has a unique product that provides what industries need to decarbonize their process heat.

Exclusive patented core shell technology 

Thermal energy is stored in core-shell spheres. The core is a metal that changes phase and the shell is a high performance ceramic material. Spheres are placed in a pressure vessel giving it unique characteristics.

NOC Energy Technology outperforms competing technologies in every aspect

Industry has options to decarbonize, hydrogen is still expensive and inefficient in power to heat applications, and Carbon capture (CCUS) is still an emerging technology. Biomass does not scale enough and does not solve emissions. 

Thermal storage makes sense if the final use of the energy is heat. Compared to Joule heating and to wire heating (resistors) NOC Energy  unique technology performs better across the board. 

One technology platform scales from Kilowatt to Gigawatt industries

Ready to use

Cost Competitive

Flexible and easy to integrate

Long lifetime, low carbon footprint

An AI carbon and energy management system enables optimization of energy transition

Integrating into existing infrastructure has many great benefits. It allows industries to maintiain their current gas infrastructrue when needed, gradually replacing it by renewable energy. This greatly eliminates barries to adoption as it reduces risks and capex, whilst mantaining flexibility. 

Demand side and storage management

Microgrid management